Petroff Towing – St. Louis Heavy Duty Towing and Accident Recovery

July 19, 2021

Petroff Towing St Louis rotator tow truckAt Petroff Towing, Inc., we serve communities in and around St. Louis with heavy duty towing, accident recovery, and specialized load and lifting jobs. We consistently aim to provide superior care and service that our customers expect and deserve in Southern Illinois and the St. Louis metro. For 45 years, our family-owned and operated company has served St. Louis for all of their truck recovery needs. We are recognized as one of the industry’s preeminent, heavy-duty experts for comprehensive truck towing, accident recovery services, and specializes services utilizing professional operators, cutting-edge equipment, and innovative procedures. From efficient and damage-free, heavy-duty towing to accident recovery or load work, we can handle it all in just one call.

We offer a comprehensive towing, accident recovery, and load management services for customers in the St. Louis region including:

Heavy-Duty Towing: We possess one the nation’s most prestigious fleets of heavy-duty tow trucks for damage-free towing. We dispatch from 8 locations in the St. Louis metro region for local and long-distance towing of trucks, combination vehicles, buses, and specialized equipment.

Accident Recovery: Our team of professionals possess decades of industry experience. We utilize the industries’ most powerful equipment, including multiple 30- to 75-ton rotators and the first Miller Industries’ M100 100-ton sliding rotator for swift clearance of accident scenes and complex recoveries.

Air Cushion Recovery: Multiple sets of air cushions assist our recovery operations when conditions are favorable for damage-free lifts of loaded trailers. Most commercial vehicle insurance carriers rank us as a preferred vendor for value-added services like air cushion recovery.

Specialty Trailer Fleet: We made significant investments in specialized equipment including skid steers, message boards, and lighting systems to reduce delays and vendor dependence. Our specialty trailers include flatbeds, gondolas, livestock with pens, low-boys, reefers, and van units.

Load Transfers: Our working relationships with several local scale masters allows us to work onsite with mobile docking or bring units to our facility to reduce downtime. Our team is skilled in load transfers, reworking damaged loads, cargo containment, and sorting and repalletizing damaged goods to reduce product loss or rejection.





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