Petroff Towing was proud to be one of the first heavy-duty towing recovery companies in the Midwest to invest in an air cushion recovery system. Our experienced personnel are able to use this modern resource as yet another tool to provide damage-free handling of cargo in delicate situations.

We specialize in all aspects of heavy-duty recovery but have been recognized for cutting edge procedures and superior service in a few particular facets of the industry. All of our operators are trained and certified by local, state, national and industry organizations and some employees also have specialized training and are qualified to handle hazardous materials and spill cleanup.

We have a reputation as one of the most professional recovery agencies in the nation and provide efficient and damage-free work. Our locations in the St. Louis region yields a variety of work from moving facilities for large river boats and assisting in railway recovery and cleanup to overturned tractor trailers and accidents that require special attention due to cargo.

In addition to a diverse fleet of heavy duty tow trucks, we boast two of the industry’s largest and most potent recovery vehicles available. Our units include 60 and 75 ton rotators that act as mobiles cranes and are capable of lifting heavy objects (coils, tractor trailers, stationary objects, mixers, etc.) without the need to backup to the item or close all thru traffic lanes because the boom is capable of rotating 360 degrees.

Our customers are used to quality service and attention to detail that only the top towing specialists in the nation provide. We have four St. Louis Metro locations to provide the very best service to our customers from independent operators and local businesses to all dealerships located in Illinois/Missouri and our large roster of contracted fleets. In addition to tractor trailer combination towing, we also specialize in damage-free towing of fire and rescue vehicles and motorcoaches.

A main component of our business is offering a variety of on-road services for our clients. Many large fleets have deemed Petroff Towing as a “super vendor” or “5 Star Service Provider” for this region because of our experience not only in towing or accident recovery but also roadside repair and load capabilities. With one call, we can efficiently handle a variety of real world concerns.

We often provide load assistance at all of the regional scales for captured drivers but we also have a covered, climate-controlled dock facility that is equipped with forklifts, pallet jacks and all other necessary materials to rework shifted or damaged loads at our Caseyville terminal.

In addition to towing services in the St. Louis metro area and Midwest, we are also proud to offer long-distance towing in the lower 48 states and Canada for our client base to ease the burden of locating reliable and efficient service providers. We provide regionalized tractor swaps as well as towing damaged tractors and trailers back to customer’s headquarters or their dealer of choice.

Petroff Towing also boasts efficient and reliable roadside service for tractor trailers. Our well-prepared mobile units are able to respond onside for temporary repairs to help minimize the down-time for our clients. We also are willing to assist customers in locating the nearest dealer or repair facility and work as a liason with that organization to make the best possible experience from an unfortunate situation and ensure that you do not incur any unnecessary frustration or wait time.

While each recovery situation is unique, some scenes require extra care and expertise due to the cargo. Some of the specialized cargo needs that we frequently handle include cattle and livestock, refrigerated freight, oversized loads and heavy machinery, hazardous materials and large steel coils. We own livestock trailers and pens equipped for pigs or cattle and have working partnerships with farms, large animal veterinarians and rendering plants. Petroff Towing also has our own fleet of dry van, reefer, flatbed and low boy trailers for transload and recovery needs.

All of our trucks are also equipped to handle hazmat and extradition scenes and carry sorbent pads & booms, generators, quartz lights, torches and saws.

Police departments and clients benefit in our full range of services because our industry experience and reliability allow for peace of mind that with one call, you will have the very best, personal attention to make sure all of your needs are efficiently addressed.

We have qualified professionals to immediately assess the situation and perform necessary operations with minimal time, lane closures and relationships with additional vendors to quickly manage everything from arranging for a feed lot or veternarian for livestock, to rolloff dumpsters or rendering services or even hassle-free environmental cleanup thanks to our partnership with the region’s leading environment remediation specialists – Bellon Environmental. We pride ourselves on the ability to help easy the strain on our customers by acting as an on-site coordinator that is there to work for them not only addressing the immediate recovery needs but to offer our fleet of specialized equipment, trailers and diverse partnerships to help them efficiently remedy the situation and minimize loss and downtime.