In 1948, Thomas G. Petroff started a small towing company in metropolitan Saint Louis. He cultivated the company for twenty years until undertaking new endeavors in 1968. The business was dormant until 1975 when Edward and Debra Petroff rejuvenated the new Petroff Towing.

Because he grew up around the industry, Ed was always interested in towing and mechanics. This personal drive when combined with youth and ambition proved to be a masterful success. The company, which started small, soon expanded into the multi-million dollar venture that it is today. The towing and recovery field became so vast that they could not manage to maintain their reputation as “The Best” in all facets, so the Petroffs chose to specialize in emergency services and heavy-duty work. Years of service and dedication to the industry have fostered close working relationships with local and state law enforcement agencies, fire departments and an extremely loyal customer base of fleets and dealer networks.

The environmental and technical demands of today’s world require us to constantly seek more training and certification to maintain our title as “The Heavy Duty and Recovery Specialists of the Metro Saint Louis Area”. The company celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2010 and continues to strive to provide the best service and maintain our commitment to excellence. For more information on our services or an informational brochure, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.